About us

Global Redovisning AB are a future-oriented company. We offer you help with bookkeeping, annual accounts, annual reports, issues concerning tax return forms and other tax issues, various financial matters, help with starting up new companies in Sweden, company assignments etc.

We have an overall view in our work with the bookkeeping, always with an eye to the coming annual accounts and tax issues.

Global redovisning AB offer you to use our website to receive economic reports, such as general ledgers, profit- and loss accounts, balance sheets etc. In this matter we have a co-operation with SIJOnline AB.

Global Redovisning AB are looking forward to new interesting commissions. Please contact us for a discussion about your company.

Business idea

We handle the whole financial department or just parts of it

Our idea of business is built on an overall view. For us it´s obvious that our clients are in need of more than one sort of service. Those who apply to us will further on only need one contact when it comes to commissions of economic, administrative, fiscal and legal nature.

We have great qualifications in the economic, administrative and legal field as well as the tax field. The owners of our company have together more than 35 years of experience from different positions in the Tax Authority among other things.
By apply to us you will save a lot of valuable time. Time that you can use in your own business instead. Do what you can best, let us handle the rest

Global Redovisning AB turn the latest technology to the best account. For us it´s a matter of course that you, who has chosen to put out the whole, or parts of your economy department, needs a fast possession to reports concerning profit and loss etc. Working with us, you easily get access to different reports from your company, through a secure internet-portal.

We also provide with marketing via internet.

Sounds good? Please, contact us for a discussion about what we can do for you.



We handle accounting for limited companies, partnership, foundations, economic associations, non-profit associations and tradership sole.

We handle your bookkeeping, annual account/report. We fill in both your and your companys´ income tax return as well as the monthly tax returns and create the statement of earnings for all your employees.

We administrate your payments for suppliers and employees.

With our help you may get regular analyses with simple and short explanations about your companys´ economic result. The analyses will be sent to you either by mail or post. We general charge you per hour when it comes to bookkeeping. For other services, contact us for offer.

We use the latest technology and that means that you, as our client, via internet, with a password can log in on our server anytime during the day, and follow how your company economically developing.


We handle all that has to do with taxes. We create your income tax return and monthly tax returns. We handle company assignments, plan the annual reports, help you with taxation problems etc. We offer you advice if you get any trouble with your taxes. Our great experience in the tax field make us able to solve a great deal of the problems that can occur with income tax, VAT and social security fees.

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